Information Security GRC Hands-on Specialist

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קוד משרה: JB-70079991 מיקום גיאוגרפי: חיפה והקריות עיר: חיפה

תיאור המשרה

We are seeking an experienced and motivated Information Security GRC Hands on Specialist to join our team. As an Information Security GRC hands on Specialist, you will play a critical role in implementing and maintaining effective security systems and controls, assessing risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Here are the key responsibilities and qualifications for this role:
Implementing and Monitoring Cyber Security Systems & Controls: You will be responsible for 
Implement and maintaining Cyber Security Systems
Automating and continuously monitoring information security controls
Assessing exceptions, risks, and testing
Developing and Revising Policies: Collaborate with stakeholders to develop and revise policies, standards, processes, and guidelines related to information security
Vendor Risk Assessments: Conduct vendor risk assessments against organizational security requirements
Risk Mitigation: Identify and assess potential risks, develop risk mitigation strategies, and analyze and report on risk trends and metrics
Compliance: Ensure adherence to industry best practice standards by carrying out compliance assessments, enabling audits, and updating compliance policies and procedures

דרישות המשרה

Cyber Technical Background: The ideal candidate must have a strong technical background in cybersecurity and hands-on expertise
Enterprise Experience: Previous experience working in large global organizations is highly desirable
IT and Cyber Systems Implementation: Familiarity with implementing IT and cyber systems is essential
Team Player: Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills are crucial
People Skills: A “people person” who can effectively communicate and work with various teams
Positive Attitude: A can-do attitude and a proactive approach to problem-solving
Familiarity with ISO Standards and Regulations: Knowledge of ISO standards and regulatory requirements (GDPR, CMMC, etc.)
Mitigation and Pen Testing: Experience with risk mitigation strategies and penetration testing
Additional Information:
The Information Security GRC hands on Specialist will also assist in developing and implementing security frameworks and processes.
You’ll play a vital role in assessing risks associated with the company’s information assets and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards