Computer Vision Applied Researcher

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קוד משרה: JB-70073493 מיקום גיאוגרפי: גוש דן עיר: רמת גן

תיאור המשרה

OriginAI, is an AI research center established to address challenges at the forefront of AI research on a national scale
Our research and development focus on Vision, Speech, and NLP with the aim of producing world-class capabilities in these areas, solving real-life challenges
We are well funded with direct access to the most advanced computing resources in the industry
OriginAI offices are located near Savidor train station, and we work in hybrid mode

Job Description:
We are looking for an experienced applied researcher to join AI Vision group The role involves the entire applied research flow, starting from literature surveys, innovation, AI research and development for various real-life challenges in the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning

We provide a unique environment to work independently within a growing top talented team, stay up to date with the latest academy papers/conferences, and work on state-of-the-art solutions for extreme challenges, offering also the opportunity to publish you work at top AI venues
Our unique multidisciplinary AI center allows collaboration between domain experts in Vision and Audio/NLP to extend our capabilities to the forefront of multimodal learning

דרישות המשרה

Ph.D / M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Computer Science
Experience in classic and deep Computer Vision algorithms development 
Deep understanding of ML fundamentals and SoTA Deep Learning approaches
Publications in top conferences in computer vision
Previous Experience in Vision systems