3D Graphics Developer

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קוד משרה: JB-70068609 מיקום גיאוגרפי: שרון עיר: נתניה

תיאור המשרה

MapCore group at Elbit C4I and Cyber that develops:
2D/3D mapping engine
Computer vision and image processing algorithms
Navigation and autonomous driving
AI algorithms (mostly deep learning)

We are looking for an experienced 3D computer graphics developer 

What you will be doing?
Development and maintenance of 3D graphics component (based on an open source library wrapping DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGL ES2) , a key component of our mapping engine. The map engine is a library (SDK) for developing applications requiring displaying 2D/3D digital maps and CPU/GPU calculations based on digital maps. The engine is written in C++ and is compiled for different operating systems and hardware platforms

Located in Netanya

דרישות המשרה

Required experience:
Developing 3D computer graphics – must, experience in developing 3D graphics engine and GIS – advantage
Developing on Windows – must, on Linux, Android, Web – advantage
Developing with at least one of the following graphical libraries: DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL, OGRE 3D, OpenSceneGraph, Unity, Unreal Engine – must
GPU-based calculations (GPGPU) with shaders, OpenCL, CUDA, SYCL – advantage
Programming languages: C++ - must, C#, java, JavaScript – advantage